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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


For the Movember man in your life

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#1. Posted by frances oakley on 13 November 2013 1:39pm

Hello from New York.

Great to see this wave from you.

Can you imagine it…I have now completed four blog posts about my still very recent UK holiday.  Now I am already thinking about who and where I want to visit Next Time.



#2. Posted by Eleanor's Byre on 13 November 2013 2:59pm

Great to see you Frances and so glad you found your way to our new abode! Do hope Northumberland is on your list for Next Time:)

My spies tell me you have snow in NY, do hope you’re not too cold over there!


#3. Posted by Bayou on 15 November 2013 9:13am

Hi Fred, good to see you again. I love those bags, especially the one with Seahouses, do know somebody living there. I wished to come around- again- and am still keeping here this wonderful coffee grinder in cast iron which is by far too heavy to send by mail. Who knows if I ever manage to come that far again *sigh*


#4. Posted by Fennie Somerville on 18 November 2013 3:09pm

Hi Fred, Just dropping by to say ‘Hallo’ and to say that it is good to see you in a beautiful blog space.  Strangely and remarkably the Purple Coo soldiers on, a straggly remnant of its once electrifying days but like a thread bare shawl of comfort in times of adversity (and also of non-adversity - generally we are a happy bunch) so do look in if you have a moment. Can you write a poem in the style of Pam Ayres?  If so you could win one of this week’s Gold Stars. What else can you use Moustache wax for? Like vodka, you feel it ought to have multiple uses.
I use vodka to clean the printer.  Anyway, onwards and upwards, dear Fred.


#5. Posted by seo service in london on 03 May 2017 12:32pm

Frances is very happy to have found a great way to get closer and our new home! I hope next time Northumberland on your list!