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Sunday, 17 January 2010

I have a dream….

It lies behind this door...

Posted by Fred at 18:14. 3 Comments.
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#1. Posted by her at home on 27 January 2010 1:56pm

very splendid door it is too!!A door with all sort of potential behind it, a door of character a veritable portal to a dreamful of delights!( now open the ruddy thing I want to see what is inside !!)


#2. Posted by Sallys Chateau on 28 January 2010 5:09am

Yes don't tease us like this, I know that there is going to be something wonderful to emerge.


#3. Posted by Frances on 28 January 2010 6:47am

Yes, please get the magic going, wave the wand, chant the password, whatever it takes ... please do open that door!