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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

They do say….

... be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

I’ve always wanted to have a shop, I’m a shop girl at heart. What sort of shop depended on my stage of life. In my twenties I worked in the shop of my young, free and single dreams. Exquisite clothes, eye watering price tags, clients who would travel the length of Britain twice a year to buy the next season’s wardrobe. This was the seventies and even then the bills would run into several thousands of pounds.

My first baby came along and I dreamed of a children’s shop. Classic well made clothes. Old fashioned sailor suits and dungarees, Liberty print, hand smocked dresses, no Barbie pink or sparkly tiaras in my emporium. Tasteful wooden toys carefully crafted by local artisans. I realise, of course, my daughter would always have chosen the Barbie pink over the tasteful Liberty and my boys would far rather have had the plastic light sabre than the hand hewn wooden sword, but there you go. After four babies I fear my shop would’ve been fearfully neglected.

But now those babes have grown and flown the nest my restless head has turned to the shop of my present day dreams. A shop selling gorgeous things. High end, quality gorgeous things. Things I would love to surround myself with, gift to loved ones but can’t buy in our beautiful corner of Northumberland. We may have fabulous beaches and fantastic scenery, but the retail sector is pretty poorly served.

A place to serve the best coffee, real tea made with tea leaves, for surely teabags are the work of Lucifer himself? and exquisite hot chocolate for the beach blown passer by.

It shall have squashy sofas and glossy magazines for the retail reluctant partners. The latest copy of Country Life or Shooting Times, Rugby World or The Cricketer, Vogue or Tatler. No weary waiting sighs here.

I am about to realise my dream, share my journey……….

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#1. Posted by snailbeachshepherdess on 27 January 2010 1:00pm

OK - I'm hooked - reel me in


#2. Posted by her at home on 27 January 2010 1:55pm

All sounds very excitng and promising can not wait for it to get off the round! If you need a squiggy armchair filler I am your woman, mine is a chocolat chaud and slab of yorkshire gingerbread if you have it please!


#3. Posted by bayou on 27 January 2010 2:12pm

Oh how exciting!!!! When can I be your customer???? I wish you every luck for the new enterprpise and plenty of enjoyment and success!


#4. Posted by mountainear on 27 January 2010 3:17pm

Don't keep us waiting. Please open second shop in Welshpool - which I would argue is more challenged in the retail department than Northumberland.


#5. Posted by Pondside on 27 January 2010 10:25pm

Sounds like just the place to spend an hour choosing the perfect non-souvenire souvenire.  More please!


#6. Posted by Grouse on 28 January 2010 2:30am

I can see it…...AND smell the coffee!!!!!!


#7. Posted by Elizabethd on 28 January 2010 9:14am

I cant wait to hear the next instalment. How wonderful to realise your dream.


#8. Posted by Sallys Chateau on 28 January 2010 9:24am

You'll make it gorgeous I'm sure, I'll be watching YOU for tips !!


#9. Posted by bradan on 28 January 2010 3:27pm

Wow, when does it open, I'm coming!!


#10. Posted by eleanor's byre on 29 January 2010 2:14am

Thank you all. I'll be attempting a weekly update and any recommendations/advice gratefully received.


#11. Posted by patsy on 29 January 2010 4:35pm

Oh Wow EB, it's really happening!
Going all tingly here…
Would offer you good luck but with your exquisite taste and a fabulous site for the "Lovely Things Shop", it won't be needed.
Can I be Miss Brahms to your Mrs Slocum or is it t'other way round !!?


#12. Posted by Preseli Mags on 31 January 2010 1:18pm

It sounds just perfect. Can't wait to hear more!


#13. Posted by ChrisH on 09 February 2010 2:16pm

Sorry to be late, but wonderful news.  I bet your lovely shop will be truly lovely!


#14. Posted by her at home on 24 February 2010 3:50am

just checkin to see if you are still there.


#15. Posted by eleanor's byre on 27 February 2010 2:02pm

Apologies for the lack of update, but the pooter seems to have had a major disagreement with blogger and narry the two shall meet.:(
commenting thru' the marvel that is the iPhone, but it tests the dexterity.
Will hopefully be rid of all techie gremlins soon.


#16. Posted by Exmoorjane on 02 March 2010 1:28pm

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…..  this is just SO exciting….tingles down the spine..  :)


#17. Posted by elizabethm on 07 March 2010 8:32am

Longing to see it and to know how you are getting on!  come on, more news,please,please!


#18. Posted by Friko on 14 March 2010 4:09pm

can I come too? looks like you already have a firm customer base.


#19. Posted by Nedine Says on 15 March 2010 4:39am

Just discovered your blog. I hope you will post some photos of your shop when it is up and running. I would love to see them. Best of luck .


#20. Posted by Milla on 12 May 2010 11:24am

Blimey, talk about being late to the party. Tell tell tell. And third shop in Chelters, please. XCX


#21. Posted by Bluestocking Mum on 20 August 2010 2:41am

Well, now I'll have to come to Northumberland at least twice a year - will have to do a Christmas shopping trip too.

I'm so pleased the plans have progressed since I last saw you. Need a big catch up. And I'm sorry to be later than Milla in posting this. Know you will forgive me as I was having surgery in January (again in March.)

Now get blogging please. In the meantime, I shall send you an e-mail/ring.

Much love


#22. Posted by Posie Rosie on 25 August 2010 3:09am

Fred…Lovely to see you here…er am sooo late in finding this, how is the shop coming along??
Good luck with it all, Posie xx


#23. Posted by toady on 25 August 2010 6:22am

Looks fab.  Look forwar to seeing more.